Check facility to be used:     (    )  Fellowship Hall Kitchen        (    )  Great Room Kitchen

Date(s) to be used:  ___________________________         Time of usage:   from ____________ to ____________

Name of group or organization:  _________________________________________________________________

Person in charge of event:  __________________________________________    Telephone: ________________

Person responsible for the use of kitchen:  _________________________________________________________

Telephone: ________________________    Key returned to office:  ___________________________ (Signature)



  1. The Kitchens will be locked when not scheduled for use.
  2. Kitchen use including all meetings, dinners, etc. must be first cleared and receive permission through the office and/or Pastor.  Always check the calendar in the church office or ‘on line’ before you make your plans.  A responsible person must be appointed to represent any group using the kitchens to see that equipment is usedproperly and left in order.  Persons in charge of said function must:
    1. a.  Leave the sinks and countertops clean and dry.
    2. b.  Remove all trash and put trash in the dumpster,  if trash dumpster is full, leave bags in hallway near the exit door, and replace trash bags
    3. c.  Break down all cardboard boxes and place in cardboard dumpster outside the Fellowship Hall Kitchen rear entrance.
    4. d.  Key for the 2 dumpsters hangs on the wall by the refrigerator in the Fellowhip Hall Kitchen.  Be sure to return the keys to this same place place.
    5. e.  Sweep and mop kitchen floor as needed.
  3. Regarding left over food:  Arrangements must be made to use left-over food:  with Church Staff (688-9245 – leave message for Arlene),  Soup Kitchen (Joe Cymerys, 688-3525), or WILA (688-2891).  If these arrange- can not be made, discard all left-over food.
  4. When using the stove or ovens, spills must be wiped up immediately.
  5. All items left in the kitchen that do not belong there will be placed for sale at the next rummage sale.  so please  remember to take your trays, dishes, etc., home with you.  Do not leave any food or supplies on the counters.  Stored items must be labeled with the name of the group and the original date of use.
  6. If you become aware that supplies are running short and need to be ordered, please let the Kitchen Committee know.
  7. Permission for use of the kitchen will be rescinded if this policy is not followed.
  8. Your cooperation is necessary and appreciated to keep the kitchens operating effectively.
  9. Do not remove any  equipment or articles from the kitchens unless you get prior permission from Paul Felgate or Arlene Dargenio and you sign for it.
  10. Lock all doors to the kitchens.