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Rich Dargenio Update


Hello Everyone:

First, thanks for praying for us. We know that we have a great team of people praying for us and our transition. God is faithful to us. I was reminded of that as we saw a rainbow in the sky from our backyard on Saturday (first pic!) when it was sunny out! It has helped a lot that school has started and our kids are connecting more and more to kids in their school. It has been challenging to restart in a new area: there have been a few hard days and a lot of good days. Our staff across the region and the local committee / leaders have been very welcoming to us. We have already found a great church and went to our first small group meeting the other night. It will just take a while for a new place to feel like home...

We went to our first Ohio State football game a few Saturdays back. (Second Pic). Hard to describe it - a really cool atmosphere and a great time. Easy to see why people are buckeye crazy. We may be already getting sucked in to being buckeye fans. Joe has definitely already "drank the kool aide"!

Anne (sophomore) and I have been very involved in our local club (kilbourne high school in worthington ohio). Campaigners is on Monday night. We had our first club last wednesday and over 100 kids were there. Great night. I feel privileged to be still leading in a club. Crazy to think that many of those kids who came to YL for the first time last week will be totally transformed by Jesus in the next few months. It never gets old...

There are many exciting ways that God is using our staff and leaders that I get to be a part of as a regional director as I travel all over southern Ohio. One of the newest ministries in YL is called Young Life College. I know it sounds crazy that YL would also include college age kids. We are seeing God do some exciting things around universities where we have a lot of local high school ministry happening. Many kids stay local and go to state universities that KNOW the YL name because they were involved on some level while in high school. The estimation is that around 250,000 kids in college now know what YL is from high school. That is definitely true in the southern half of Ohio. We have started 2 YL college ministries in our region in the last few months. Ohio State had their first YL college club and there were 400-450 kids there! The third pic was from our first YL college at University of Cincinnati. We are also trying to develop a work at Ohio University in Athens OH. All three of these colleges have tons of kids attending that know of YL. Please pray for Young Life college in the Buckeye Region...

Thanks again for being a part of our team. We thank God for you.

Rich, Emily, Anne, Holly, and Joe


Rich Dargenio, Regional Director

Young Life Buckeye Region