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Debbie's April 2012 News

Happy Easter to all of you!!  I had a nice time enjoying the International English service held every other Sunday here with many of my students singing in a special children's choir for the holiday.
I hope you were blessed with the celebration that Jesus is Alive!

We are rapidly approaching the end of our second year of Wellspring Academy's existence and I have many things to be thankful for.  When asked recently what my favorite part of Chad was I had to reply that it is 'my kids'.  They are why I am here and why I enjoy each day.
More on that in a moment.
Recently, here in the capital,  I have been able to visit with a couple of former students who are married to each other now and work out East in Chad.
They make me realize with amazement that the Lord has allowed me to watch them grow from childhood into the people they are today.  What a blessing!
I miss my former students at RVA, but again feel blessed to have watched them through fifth grade into the years that followed.  My Facebook friends are mostly former students!  Wow!
Everywhere I have served I've collected more precious children!  This is a wonderful part of my life and the poem I found recently below says it all.
Kids are my business.. because God chose me for this ministry knowing how much I would be blessed to have them all in my life.
Thank you for being a part of this 'business' with me.

How lucky am I?  At work each day
I get to help children learn and play,
And keep them safe so they will grow
Into adults I'll be glad to know!

How proud am I?  I guide today's youth
To strive for knowledge, goals, and truth.
I know I play an important part
In inspiring them to take learning to heart.

How grateful am I?  I value so much
The smiles that I win and the lives that I touch.
I love earning the trust of each girl and boy.
Kids are my business, as well as my joy!

-Robyn Squire (1972- )

Thanks for praying with me for my kids!
Please pray with us as we still need a teacher for grades 1-3 for this coming year!  Thank you.
Blessings from hot Chad.
Debbie Weissenburger

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