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Wellspring Academy is an exciting new venture for Aim in N’Djamena, Chad. With a plan to open in August 2010, this school will provide an English-medium education from grades 1–6 to children of Christian cross-cultural workers. It is possible there will also be a few places available for families who are sympathetic to the Christian ethos of the school. There is a double emphasis of providinga day school for children close enough to attend and also support to families who are homeschooling.

This will be a vital support to Christian workers and their families as they will know their Chadchildren are receiving the educational foundation they need when they return to their home countries. It will enable these families to stayon in Chad, working where God has placed them, because they know that their children’s education is provided for. This will be true whether the children attend the day school or the families utilise the homeschool support facilities.

Financially, Wellspring Academy wants to be self supporting but in the meantime its staff are trusting God for the necessary donations to get the school up and running. Your gift will be a practical encouragement for many families in Chad.

Feel free to also pray with us as we make all the necessary decisions to begin Wellspring Academy. See Debbie's latest update HERE.

Wellspring Academy Class is open






Here's a photo of theClassroom at Wellspring open for business.




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