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8:15 am Worship in the Sanctuary

9:40 - 10:40 Sunday School, Children and Adults

11:00 AM Worship in Sanctuary

Junior Church for ages 4 through second grade during each service after children's moment with the pastor

Toddler care available during services and sunday school

Trinity Family Night
Every Thursday

Starting October 3

Joyful Bells 5:15 PM
Meal 5:30 PM
Pioneer Club 6:00 PM
Trinity Ringers & small group 6:30 PM
MYF Parents Prayer 7:00 PM
Trinity Choir 7:30 PM


Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Thoughts…

WordGary Thomas reported in Christian Times that then Vice President, George Bush represented the U.S. at the funeral of former Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev. Bush was deeply moved by a silent protest carried out by Brezhnev's widow. She stood motionless by the coffin until seconds before it was closed. Then, just as the soldiers touched the lid, Brezhnev's wife performed an act of great courage and hope – a gesture that must surely rank as one of the most profound acts of civil disobedience ever committed: She reached down and made the sign of the cross on her husband's chest. There in the citadel of secular, atheistic power, the wife of the man who had run it all hoped that her husband was wrong. She hoped that there was another life, and that that life was best represented by Jesus who died on the cross, and that the same Jesus might yet have mercy on her husband. 
Deep within each man woman and child is this inborn instinct that yearns for immortality, eternity and life beyond the grave. We are actually hard wired to crave eternity. The Bible tells us that God "has set eternity in the hearts of men…" (Ecclesiastes 3:11) What that means is that tucked away in each of us is a hunch that we were made for forever and that we have a hope that the hunch is true.
None of us have been able to figure out how to reach immortality here on earth however. Because we are part of a fallen creation, death has entered the world, and there is only one way out of this world. But even though our bodies die, the Bible tells us that death is not necessarily the end of us. This eternity that is placed in our hearts, this immortality that we long for, is made possible thought the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die." (John 11:25-26)
The Resurrection of Jesus on that first Easter morning is proof that there is life beyond the grave. Life beyond the grave was possible for Jesus and He extends the invitation for us to join Him. The significance of Easter cannot be overstated. Believe the Good News and live with the confidence that death will never have the last word!
Have a Happy Easter,

Pastor John