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8:15 am and 11:00 AM Worship in the Sanctuary

9:40 Christian Education for All Ages!

Junior Church for ages 4 through second grade during the service after children's moment with the pastor

Toddler care available during service


Pastor's Corner

From the Pastor:

WordAnyone You Recognize?
Fred Everybody, Thomas Somebody, Peter Anybody, and Joe Nobody were neighbors, but not the type that most would want to know. They were odd people. Aside from their unusual names they we troublesome, and difficult to understand.
The way they lived their lives was a shame. These men all went to the same church, but most would not have wanted them as parishioners. Everybody went fishing on Sundays or stayed home and spoke with his friends. Anybody wanted to worship, but he was afraid that Somebody would speak with him. Thus, guess who went to church - that's right, Nobody. Actually, Nobody was the only decent one of the lot. Nobody did the church financial reports; Nobody joined the Church Council. One day there was a notice in the bulletin for people to volunteer for a position as a Sunday school teacher. Everybody thought Anybody would apply; Anybody thought Somebody would apply. So, guess who applied? You are right - Nobody!
My friends, let's not be an everybody, somebody, or anybody church. Rather, let us truly strive to be a nobody. In such a way we empty ourselves so we can be filled with the amazing power of Christ, who died to set us free and, thus, will always be our brother, friend, and Lord.

Pastor John