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Summer Worship

June 7th thru september 13th
9:30 AM

Regular Schedule

8:15 am and 11:00 AM Worship in the Sanctuary

9:40 Christian Education for All Ages!

Junior Church for ages 4 through second grade during the service after children's moment with the pastor

Toddler care available during service


Pastor's Corner

From the Pastor:

WordJulius Segal in Winning Life's Toughest Battles, reports that in stories from survivors of the Nazi death camps, an attitude of determined giving was one of the things that distinguished the survivors from those who perished. If a prisoner was on the verge of starvation, but he had a crust of bread or a scrap of potato that he could share with his comrade in suffering, he was psychologically and spiritually capable of surviving.
A survivor of Treblinka described it this way: "In our group we shared everything, and the moment one of the group ate something without sharing it, we knew it was the beginning of the end for him."
As a church, we are preparing our budget for 2016. Our current income is down from last year and we are looking at the need to cut back on ministry dollars for next year.
Financial problems within the church are often signs of deeper spiritual ailments. When churches become lethargic in their giving and fiscal responsibilities, they are typically suffering from issues related to faith and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Churches in financial trouble have often forgotten to keep the first thing first.
Spiritually healthy churches on the other hand typically remember their first responsibility – to proclaim and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. When churches keep the first thing first, the finances come along. Healthy churches celebrate the love of Jesus Christ in worship and in study. They witness to their communities through service and mission. When Jesus is the focus, God blesses the ministry.
In these trying times of financial uncertainty for our church, let us pray for revival and a renewed spirit of God to infect our lives and hearts. And let us proclaim as Isaiah did: "See, I am doing a new thing!" Isaiah 43:19.

Pastor John